PT. Phoenix Jaya Mandiri

Custom Clearance Services

Herewith We Are From Pt.Phoenix Jaya Mandiri, An Official Company Engaged In The Maintenance Services And Delivery Of Goods Both In Abroad (Export) Or Goods From Abroad To Indonesia (Import) And Also The Distribution Of Goods In The Domestic Inter-Island Indonesia.
Along With The Increase In The Number Of Export-Import Is Increasingly Soaring, It Is Necessary Handling And Is Completely Reliable From The Provider Of The...

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Jakarta , Indonesia

PT. Phoenix Jaya Mandiri

Custom Clearance Services

Herewith we are from Pt.Phoenix Jaya Mandiri, an official company engaged in the maintenance services and delivery of goods both in abroad (export) or goods from abroad to Indonesia (import) and also the distribution of goods in the domestic inter-island Indonesia.
Along with the increase in the number of export-import is increasingly soaring, it is necessary handling and is completely reliable from the provider of the services were able to create a policy in the management and delivery without overloading Customer.
Categories No. HS Code can wear Undername / Our Company:

- HS Code Sec. V: 25.01 s / d 27.16
- HS Code Sec. VI: 28.01 s / d 38.28
- HS Code Sec. VII: 39.01 s / d 40.17
- HS Code Sec. VII: 41.01 s / d 43.04
- HS Code Sec. IX: 44.01 s / d 46.02
- HS Code Sec. X: 47.01 s / d 49.11
- HS Code Sec. XI: 50.01 s / d 63.10
- HS Code Sec. XII: 64.01 s / d 67.04
- HS Code Sec. XIII: 68.01 s / d 70.20
- HS Code Sec. XV: 72.01 s / d 83.11
- HS Code Sec. XVI: 84.01 s / d 85.48
- HS Code Sec. XVII: 86.01 s / d 89.08
- HS Code Sec. XX: 94.01 s / d 96.19

Honesty and Professional team work very expected to be born a trust of all parties.
- Delivery of goods All In, Door To Door Service, FCL / LCL, By Sea & Air
- Customs Import (officially or in Wholesale)
- EMKL, PPJK (Import)
- Import of Goods Moving (Personal Effects)
- Clearance Permit from relevant agencies (Depperindag, quarantine, etc.)
- Cargo Transportation Land, Sea, and Air.
- Delivery Agent expeditions across the island
Such introductions and deals that we propose may be taken into consideration for Mr. / Ms to partner with us.
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